This is a (growing) directory of people who work with Bolt CMS. A list of designers and developers you can approach to help out with your Bolt project.


Our experience is that customers often choose a more well-known CMS (you know which one), because they know there is a huge pool of developers available to work with it. Whether you create websites with Bolt as a one-person-company or as an agency, a frequently asked question from clients is: β€œwho will take care of my website if something happens to you?” We think customers find comfort in the fact that they can choose between developers and are not necessarily tied to a specific supplier.

A registry of Bolt developers might help customers to choose for Bolt by giving them a choice and the reassurance that someone will be available to take over. In addition, it would be nice for the Bolt community to have such a list as well. Just in case we are too busy to do things ourselves or want to go on a holiday but of course that one customer really needs stuff at exactly that moment. Or if a customer needs something done that you know you have to outsource, because it is kind of out of your league. Last but not least, it will be nice to get to know colleagues who work with Bolt.


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